About Unbearable Gaming

Unbearable Gaming is basically what happens when three bears incredibly hairy humans fully grown adult man-children sit on a couch and play videogames in front of a video camera; for your entertainment.

Meet the chaps

Bradley Heap

Sir Richard "Bradley" Heap, as a young graduand of Nintendology, in the year 1923, discovered that he was born one-fifth bear (on his mother's side). As a result, he was flung into an adventure through time and space on the back of a giant flying sea turtle named Elizabeth, where he saw such stuff that the human mind could barely begin to fathom. If, in fact, not for the one-fifth bear aspect of his neurology, Sir "Bradley" would have himself been hard pressed to perceive the abyss of wonders through which he travelled. He has since retired from adventuring and dedicated his life to the arts of Nintendo, despite never formally receiving his PhD.

George Karakrklseajrfeskhfjresghjregn

GEORGE KARAKASIDIS was found catching salmon with his bear teeth in some obscure Tasmanian jungle of which you probably never heard, in 1984, shaved down, and shipped back to the mainland, where he met the love of his life. In an unfortunate turn of events, GEORGE learned that the love of his life was, in fact, a fever dream caused by the tuberculosis he caught from the contaminated shaving blade that pierced his veins during the shaving down process.

GEORGE has never recovered from this soul-deep sadness.

Tim McCormack

After pulling the Master Sword out from the pedestal of time, TIM MCCORMACK found himself in the body of an adult male human but still with the mind of a small tiny bear cub. Ashamed of the horror they had unleashed upon the world, the Seven Sages quickly taught the bear cub some semblance of the English language before ushering him out from the Temple of Time and into the world outside. In the fields of reality, TIM quickly learned how to swear and remove his pants under circumstances that definitely did not call for the removal of such pants. TIM has since found a penchant for various modes of debauchery and hedonism.